Water soluble Fertilizers l Future of Agriculture


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Bulk RatesĀ  lĀ  Un-beatable Prices

  • Zinc 33%…25 kg pack
  • SOP 50:46……25kg pack
  • NPK 20:20:20….25kg


  • NPK…..5-15-45…..10kg pack
  • UP……..17-44-0…..10kg pack
  • Potassium Nitrate 13-2-44…..10kg pack
  • MAP…12-61…25kg pack
  • NK….12-0-17 + Magnesium sulfate


  • Biostimulant…..1000 ml
  • NPK 15-18-18 + PGRs…..500g pack
  • NPK 10:40:40 + PGRs
  • Boric acid…25kg
  • Magnesium sulfate 50kg Pack
  • Gibrallic acid 10%
  • Sulfur bentonite 90% 
Moaz Aslam
Moaz Aslam Chichawatni
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Its Amazing plate form to purchase agri fertilizers and seed on reasonable prices from market feeling proud to use sabz.pk
M.Ammar jabbar
M.Ammar jabbar Chistiyan
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Sabz. is a great platform for buying imported and local fertilizers and chemicals.I have used their NPK 701 Excellent results.its very effective for growth and flowering.it should be applied on a stress crop for quick recovery.i observed that sabz.pk have much lower prices than local market. M.Ammar jabbar Msc(hons) Horticulture Chishtian
Muhammad Ali Naveed
Muhammad Ali NaveedBahawalpur
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I used their many of products like Sulphur Bentonite and 80% NPK jebralic acid comparatively cheep and but extraordinary good in results. in my personal experience sulphur bentonite and 80% with urea flood reduced salinity of soil a lot and enhanced fertility.
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